KLİSOM pool humidification units (KKS-N) are designed as packet units which is used to remove redundant humidity occurred because of evaporation in indoor swimming pools and provide optimum comfort in these areas. Redundancy of air relative humidity in pool ambient conditions doesn’t disrupt only comfort conditions but also causes all equipment are damaged in place. KKS-Ns ensure to maintaining required high relative humidity value.

Relative humidification rate must be 40% -64% according to VDI 2089/1 in indoor swimming pool. It is known that in case of relative humidity exceeds this rate, this situation lead to microorganisms which negatively affect human health like bacteria, germs and fungus are occurred and increased. Cooling group (includes DX coils) within KKS-Ns is synchronized with heating group, electrical control panel and programmable automatic control components. Units adjust themselves through the year according to required comfort conditions with run in all climate conditions. KKS-N implementations are realized as three kind unit types. First one is plate type with heat recovery, second one has heat pipe and heat recovery and third one is non-recovery. KKS-Ns have options according to capacity which are 8 models and 24 types. Heat recovery systems and heat pipe systems have less energy expenditures. Almost 70% heat recovery rate according to temperature parameters can be obtained by heat recovery systems.


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