The KLİSOM Exhaust Fans are central system appliances ensuring that the indoor air in buildings is not exhausted.  The cell aspirators are manufactured without filters as standard, but in cases where oily air is required to be exhausted, metal filters are used in the cells aimed to protect the fan and motor group.


• The side profiles forming the external skeleton and the support profiles are fabricated from 6063 quality aluminum material by extrusion, in different dimensions depending on the appliance size.

• The profile corner elements are manufactured of plastic material, according to the profile structure.

• The cover panels used to cover the visible bottom side of the skeleton structure are made of galvanized steel sheet. In the panels, which have a sandwich structure, the inner and outer walls are made 0.60-1.00mm thick galvanized steel sheet, depending on the appliance size.

• At the center of the sandwich structure, rock-wool or glass-wool material is used, depending on the requirements.

• The service hatches are composed hinged and locking handle mechanisms. Optionally, sight glass or lighting fixtures are also used.

• At the connection places of the side and support profiles, leak-tightness gaskets manufactured of EPDM material are used to prevent any possible air leaks. These gaskets, which are not crushed or deformed, provide leak-tightness at the maximum level.

• In the air dampers, the external body and blade profiles are manufactured of 6063 quality stainless steel, by extrusion. Meanwhile the gear and bearing components are made of tough PVC material. The blades are fabricated so that to allow the achievement of minimum pressure loss on the air passage.

• In the aspirator cells, high efficiency fans, with static and dynamic balancing, and radial dual suction, are used. In order to prevent the vibration from being transmitted to the cell, the fan-motor group is installed on vibration insulators, size and quantity of which are determined based on capacity, and the port is connected to the main body by a flexible connector. In the fan-motor, belts and pulleys that are compatible with the norms foreseen in the standards are used.