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High Temperature Axial Fans
AKDB Series

·         General

It is designed to works continuously at 150 ͦ C. Models can work up to 300 ͦ C are available. It has high efficiency and sound level is very low. Motor is located at out of air flow. It is suitable for working as horizontal and vertical.

·         Body

It is made up of ST52 hard steel and coated by electrostatic powder coat. Flanges which is in accordance with ½ Eurovent standard is weldless and formed by press.

·         Motor

It is suitable for working 40.000 hours continuously and it has self-oiling property. Fully closed type and F isolated motor (TFEC) has IP55 Protection Class and IE213 high efficiency. IP67 terminal box is available out of device as standard to provide ease cable connection.

·         Propeller

It is comprised of Silicon alloy aluminum material. Blade angles can be changed. Static and dynamic balancing are made according to DIN ISO 1940 Pt. Class 6,3.

– Vibration level: it is in accordance with ISO 2372:1974 vibrtion standard.

– Testing Method: Inlet Chamber Setup AMCA A 210-85 fig. 15

– ISO 5801 fig 32B 16-16

– Our productions are in Class 2 according to DIN 24 166 standard.

– Performance data are selected according to conditions of +20 ͦ C.

– P kg/m³ (density is 0,84 kg/m³)


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