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Duct Type Axial Fans

AKD Series

·         General

This fan has wide area of usage with two way model selection in discharge and supply systems. It has high efficiency and also sound level is very low.  There is wide range of options between 1.000 m³/h and 600.000 m³/h. It is two way flanged, there are production options of 20 different diameters between 250- 2.800 mm and it is suitable to working temperatures up to 55  ͦC

·         Motor

Fully closed type motor (TFEC) has IP55 Protection Class and IE213 high efficiency.  It has 40.000 hours continuously working capacity and self-oiling property. IP67 terminal box is available out of device as standard to provide ease cable connection.

·         Body

It made up of ST52 hard steel and it is coated with electrostatic powder coat.  Flanges which are in accordance with Eurovent  ½ standards are weldless and formed by press.

·         Propeller

It is comprised of glass fiber reinforced polyamide (PAG) material. Aluminum propeller option is available optionally. Blade angle can be changed. It is suitable for continuously working up to +55  ͦC and also models which can works continuously at  +85  ͦC and +135  ͦC are available. It is in Class 2 according to DIN24166 standard. It is in accordance with ISO 2372: 1974 vibration standards.


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