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Roof Type Fans

ACE Series

Composite Body Horizontal Air Flow Axial Fan

·         General

It can work 40.000 hours continuously. It is never affected by external factors. Static and dynamic balancing are made according to DIN ISO 1940 Pt. Class 6,3. Vibration levels in accordance with ISO 2372:1974 vibration standards. It provides ease of assembly because of its lightness and demountable properties. Assembly pedestal has square anchorage chassis. There is a diffuser at suction side for high efficiency and silent working. There is a protection wire in accordance with EN294.

·         Motor

Motor has closed type self-oiling bearings in accordance with IP 54 Protection Class. IP67 external terminal box is on body. Motors are protected by thermistor. It shuts itself when it is overheated and works again when it is cooled.

·         Body

Body is comprised of completely stainless material. Composite hard plate safe is never rot and rust. Body is comprised of carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic material is ten times more stronger and ¼ times lighter than steel. It doesn’t leak rain water and snow which is came with 30º angle.

·         Propeller

Blades are comprised of lacquered aluminum or polyamide material. It has airfoil shape blades shows less dirt. It is coated by RAL 9010 epoxy based paint.


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